Social Settlement

The Fuggerei was founded in 1521 by Jakob Fugger the Rich as a residential settlement for Augsburg citizens in need. It is the oldest social settlement in existence in the world. The annual (net) rent for an apartment in the Fuggerei still today is the nominal value of the Rhenish Guilder, at present 0.88 Euro together with prayers three times a day for the founder and his family. About 150 people live at present in the 140 apartments in 67 houses. Probably the most famous resident of the Fuggerei was the Master Mason Franz Mozart, the great-grandfather of the composer W. A. Mozart.

The Fuggerei is a “town within the town” and has its own church, town walls and three entrance gates. To date the social settlement has been financed almost exclusively from the assets of the foundation (forestry and real estate). The social settlement is administered by the dukes and counts of the Fugger Foundation.

Fuggerei 56
86152 Augsburg, Main entrance Jakober Strasse

Opening Hours
April - September 8 - 20 hours
October - March 9 - 18 hours
Telephone 08 21/31 98 81-0

Admission (incl. museum)
Adults p. P. 4 €
Children (8 – 18 years) p. P. 2 €
Special rate (groups with 10 adults or more, seniors, students, disabled persons) p. P. 3 €
Family ticket (2 adults and max. 4 children 18 years and under) p. P. 8 €
Annual subscription p. P. 10 €
Annual subscription for Augsburg citizens p. P. 5 €
School classes up to 30 pupils
(with two teachers) 15 €


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